High quality academic studies and training with the possibility to apply for permanent residency in Quebec.

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Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the study processes in Quebec.

The Quebec government is fighting against COVID-19 and insists on the importance of people adopting habits to prevent contamination: stay home to save lives!

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Now, to go study in Quebec, there are several ways. Whether it’s a technical or technological course at public and private schools, as well as a higher level course at the various quality universities in the province of Quebec.

For any of these courses, the foreign student has to fulfill the requirements of the Quebec Experience Program – Studies (PEQ) created by the Quebec Government. This program allows the student to apply for permanent residency after the completion of their course.

Regarding study permits, applicants interested in studying in Quebec can continue to submit applications for study permits. Applications must be made online if the applicant is outside Canada. All foreign applicants with approved study permit applications after March 18, 2020 will receive a notification, along with instructions on when they can enter Canada.

Temporary residents must maintain a valid temporary immigration status at all times. The Department continues to process temporary selection requests (CAQ).

All this information is being announced on the websites of Immigration Canada and Quebec Immigration.

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